your girl, she's a renegade (realityfinale) wrote,
your girl, she's a renegade

overdrive- a tsuna fst

dedicated to final (who might never see this), for being the best Tenth anyone could possibly ask for. ♥

rabbit heart (raise it up)florence and the machine

i wish that i could just be brave
i must become a lion hearted girl
ready for a fight
before i make the final sacrifice

pushmarianas trench

you never really wanted it
you'll settle for a bit of it
we started with a big bang
and now it's coming back again

help, i'm alivemetric

i tremble
they're gonna eat me alive
if I stumble
they're gonna eat me alive
can you hear my heart
beating like a hammer
beating like a hammer


you should make a stand
stand up for what you believe
and tonight
we can truly say
together we're invincible

ashes asheskatie costello

the smoke is all consuming
the air of sadness looming
orange and red lick up the sky
your footprints pick up dust mites
and you might not always feel right
yet you know you’re alive

pa pa powerdead man's bones

broken glass
broken hearts
pa pa power pa pa power
please make me better

hope on firevienna teng

gotta move gotta choose
you've got a difference to make
don't watch it happen again
gotta change rearrange
something's bending to break
it's just a matter of when

marchin' ononerepublic

there's so many wars we fought,
there's so many things we're not,
but with what we have,
i promise you that,

today will be better, i swearstars

today is going to be a better one
there's nothing more to take in
that's going wrong
today keep your head and drop the gun
there's nothing more to battle when you're gone
walk on

theme songthe godfather

insert instrumental


invincibleok go

when they finally come to destroy the earth they’ll have to go through you first
and i bet they wont be expecting that
when they finally come to destroy the earth
they’ll have to deal with you first
and my money says they won’t know about the
1000-Fahrenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes

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coding credit goes to the lovely signifies!
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